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Restaurant Le Saint Bernard

Place de L'Eglise

Tuesday - Sunday
10:00 - 12:00
18:00 until all patrons have left
Reservations recommended for dinner and large parties.
Phone: 05 45 98 45 94

Restaurant le Saint Bernard is a Pizzeria situated opposite the magnificence of the 12th Century Church. The restaurant opens out onto a beautiful terrace where you can sample the exquisite wine selection, enjoy a pizza (which range from Italian favourites to French cheese specialities) or tuck into 'Cuisines Charantaises'. On entering, you are courteously greeted by the barmaid and waitress. She provides you with a broad and impressive menu either on the terrace (weather permitting) or the luxurious first floor, while Martial, the owner and head chef, prepares French and Italian dishes to perfection. - S.T.

Feeling Hungry? If you are a regular diner, there is a loyalty system whereby with each pizza eaten, your card (available at reception) is stamped. If your card is stamped ten times, the next pizza is then served 'on the house'.

French Wines: Red, White and Rosé wines are offered directly from the Provence and Charente regions, as well as an organic range, which features a specialty from Brossac's neighbouring village, Bardenac. (**note Draught beer on tap.)

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Quai Sud Bar Restaurant

Etang Vallier

Wednesday - Sunday
10:00 - 15:00
18:00 until all patrons have left
Reservations recommended for dinner and large parties.
Phone: 05 45 98 44 18

Quai Sud is a continental bar restaurant located off the beaten track, next to the beautiful 'Etang Vallier' lake. It features a large open terrace where you can enjoy a French beer, a range of European wines or even the house specialty cocktails, surrounded by birdsong and a lovely view. Boasting an exceptionally varied menu, Quai Sud serves everything from a selection of mussel dishes to Mediterranean tapas. Quai Sud has a mélange carefully picked to suit every palate. Fabrice and Sandie, the amiable proprietors, are always on hand with service, discussion or banter. Their eagerness to improve their already above-average English helps in serving customers from English-speaking countries as well.

Perfect dining for sunny weather, a typical evening at Quai Sud includes an apéritif, followed by a delicious meal and a few drinks. For those daring enough, the 'Cucaracha' is a specialty concoction of coffee, liqueur, vodka and vanilla, set alight by Fabrice himself. Bonne chance! - S.T.

Wines: Offered in Red, White and Rosé, including wines from Spain as well as the traditional Bordeaux and Charantais selection.

Cocktails: The Cucaracha - coffee liqueur, vodka, vanilla (Flaming)
Cuba Libre - rum, lemon, coca cola
Havana (ice cream cocktail, with alcohol) - chocolate ice cream, pralines, coffee liqueur, chantilly cream

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