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Brossac village has all one needs to compliment a stay in The Southwest of France

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Restaurants - Le Samtho

Le Samtho
Place de L'Eglise
Tel 05 45 98 35 17


On June 2, Samantha and Thomas Beauvais took over Le Samtho, which had undergone numerous ownership and name changes over the years. Before then, they had managed the clubhouse down by the lake for 18 months. Le Samtho is situated across from the Brossac church, and has a beautiful outdoor terrace where patrons sit to enjoy their meals. Space upon the terrace is limited, so be sure to call in and reserve a table before you head over! There is also an indoor bar where customers can have a drink and the principle dinning room is upon the first floor..

This traditional restaurant has two menus, and specializes in pizzas and salads. There are 12 different types of pizzas, and customers can choose from either a tomato base or crème fraiche base. Pizzas can also be ordered to go if you wish

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The menus at Le Samtho are those of a traditional restaurant, with an array of entrées, main courses and desserts to enjoy. There is even a vegetarian menu!


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