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Brossac Village

Brossac village has all one needs to compliment a stay in The Southwest of France

Brossac Canton

Quai Sud
Etang Vallier
Tel: 05 45 98 44 18

quai sud

Quai Sud is a continental bar restaurant next to the beautiful 
'Etang Vallier' lake. It features a large open terrace where you can enjoy a French beer, a 
range of European wines or even the house speciality cocktails, surrounded by birdsong and a 
lovely view of Brossac lake and its beaches. Boasting an exceptionally varied menu, Quai Sud 
serves everything from a selection  of mussel dishes to Mediterranean tapas. Their dishes also show a Basque influence.
The restaurant prides itself in making all its products in-house
 using quality ingredients. It is also well known for serving the famous Fonteneau Oysters freshly delivered to 
them straight from the farm. Quai Sud has a mélange carefully picked to suit every palate. Nicolas, 
the friendly owner, is always on hand to offer a service,  to have a discussion or some banter.

Nicolas, who is from Paris, did not expect to stay long in Brossac, but he fell in love with the tranquility and nature of the region. The restaurant is now in its fifth season of opening.


Perfect dining for sunny weather, a typical evening at Quai Sud includes an apéritif, followed by a delicious meal and a few drinks. For those daring enough, the 'Cucaracha' is a speciality consisting of a concoction of coffee, liqueur, vodka and vanilla.



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