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Brossac Village

Brossac village has all one needs to compliment a stay in The Southwest of France

Brossac Village Charente France

Nestled in South Charente, Brossac is a picturesque village with all the conveniences and
amenities to make your visit a comfortable one. The community is a mix of French locals, Belgium, English, Italian, German and Dutch families, a real cosmopolitan village yet still manages to retain its distinctive French flavour and culture.

Brossac, the head of its canton, is ideally located for day trips to local heritage sites,
seaside towns, beaches and wineries. For outdoor activities, Brossac offers everything
from hiking trails, horse riding, jet skiing and tennis to golf and football. Join the locals for a friendly
 game of Pétanque. For those who like to take things more leisurely, enjoy a relaxing afternoon visiting our art
gallery, vineyards, wineries, or a quiet  drink and chat with the townsfolk at the local bars and restaurants:
 try a pineau, One of Charente's gift to the world.

Many residents of Brossac come and stay for the beautiful scenery, and the charm of the village shops and services which make the region convenient to live in. From butchers to banks and even to acupuncture, Brossac has all one could ask for.
Come and experience all that Brossac and its neighbours have to offer you!
Brossac station vert
The Green resort label is a national label awarded to tourist destinations for nature, leisure and holidays located in an unspoilt environment, in the countryside or mountains, and offering reception and leisure facilities. You can read more about this award which Brossac gained at the national website at Fédération française des stations verte
station verte
The Canton of Brossac
Brossac is the principal village ('Chef-lieu') of the canton of Brossac. Brossac is the head village
for the canton, which means it encompasses other villages within its administration. The villages
 of Chatignac, Chillac, Guizengeard, Oriolles, Passirac, Passirac, Sainte-Souline, Sainte-Felix, Sainte-Laurent des Combes, Sainte-Vallier, and Sauvignac all come under Brossac's jurisdiction.

The code cantal is 16 08 and you can find further information within the "The communes of the arrondissement of Cognac," whose INSEE code is 16066.
Canton Brossac
The History of Brossac
We have started to put in place some stories about the history of Brossac as many visitors to this site have asked what happened in napoleons time? when did Brossac come about? what happened during the occupation in the second world war? well we have started and each year we will ask one volunteer to write about a part of the story of Brossac. This year in 2018 thanks to Aina, a volunteer from USA, who carried out the research and wrote an article about Brossac and the Charente and its involvement during World war two you can read about how Brossac and the Charente coped with the occupation of 1939-1945
History of Brossac

brossac 1939-1945
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Brossac Village
Brossac Village France Brossac Charente