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Brossac Village

Brossac village has all one needs to compliment a stay in The Southwest of France

Brossac Canton

Etang Vallier
Tel: 07 86 56 62 66

This kitchen is open all day until 22:00, so whether you fancy a meal or just a snack the 
cooks at the Clubhouse snack bar will be happy to oblige! Some of the snacks include burgers and salads. The manager, Nina, always gives a friendly welcome, and if you're looking to enquire about holiday rentals, she is also the person to ask!


During the summer months there is a BBQ every Monday night and bookings are welcome to ensure you have a place as it can get very busy, especially as there is a different band playing every week. In addition to the bar, restaurant and games room, the Clubhouse snack bar organises concerts every Thursday evening.
Friday 6pm - midnight
Saturday 11am - 6pm
Sunday 11am - 6pm

All day from 10:00 till late (kitchen closes at 22:00)

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